Opinion: Proposed iron mine poses a risk to Bad River Ojibwe

"According to our water hydrologist friend Jamie Dunn, who grew up hunting and fishing in the Penokees and was mentored by conservationist Martin Hanson, we can expect the mining “reform” bill will pass right through the Legislature. The Fitzgerald brothers will suddenly announce the introduction of the streamlined iron mining bill, which will lower well water protection standards and deny us the due process right to contest the mine permit.

All that is left us to protect our motherland is that the Bad River Ojibwe won treatment as state status from the federal government, which allows tribal sovereignty to establish more protective water quality standards, and local opposition to the mine, which reflects the spirituality most Indians and many others feel about the water.

This proposed mine has put an assault rifle laser sight dead center on the hearts and minds of the Ojibwe people. The Bad River people believe state and federal law is inadequate to protect this source of life."

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Nick Vander Puy: Iron mine bad for Wisconsin water (The Madison Capitol Times 6/9)

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