Column: Judge rules against Seminole Tribe in mobile home feud

"Three years ago, the Seminole Tribe settled a business dispute with the managers of a mobile home park by calling in its armed muscle. A dozen tribal cops seized the rental office and kicked out employees as tribal leaders announced they were reclaiming control of the land on its Hollywood reservation.

It seemed a typical strong-arm tactic by a powerful local outfit used to throwing its weight around as a "sovereign nation."

Turns out the Seminoles might have overstepped their authority, even on their own territory.

Last week, in a stunning rebuke to the tribe and its sovereign status, a federal judge ordered the property returned to the management company.

It's just one case, and it's just a preliminary injunction, but the ruling could put a dent in the Seminoles' disconcerting habit of getting out of contracts they don't like by invoking their tribal status. Or sending in the guys with guns."

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Michael Mayo: Judge rules against Seminoles, but will tribe comply? (The South Florida Sun Sentinel 7/6)

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