OPB: Northwest tribes feel impact of climate change on foods

"Northwest tribal leaders say they're seeing climate change affect food sources that are vital to their culture.

"All we can do is try to help these plants and animals adapt. If we don't, the future of the tribes' First Foods could be at stake" says Paul Lumley of the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission.

He’s worried about the future. Rob Manning reports on how climate change is affecting tribal culture.

Gerald Lewis is a member of the Yakama Tribal Council. He says a traditional story explains how native people are tied to salmon.

"The Creator in turn spoke to them, that 'man was coming.' And so, in this way, salmon stepped up and said 'I will provide for the people.' And so, the foods followed in order – the animals, the deer, the roots, and the berries.""

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Northwest Tribes See Changes In Sacred 'First Foods' (Oregon Public Broadcasting 7/28)

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