Opinion: Indigenous Nations Alliance launches 'Rez Tours' series

"With the guidance and permission of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, I have been blessed to be the National Director of the Indigenous Nations Alliance of the Millions More Movement. Since 2005, I have learned so much about other Native American tribes through my travels.

My late mother Wauneta LoneWolf was full blooded Ogalala Lakota. She raised my brother and I on the traditions and culture of our tribe. Even though I was raised part of my life in Arizona which is predominately Navajo, I just looked at our tribes one in the same, until I was chosen for this position.

I have been invited to speak at various mosques, schools, and community events throughout the country. When I would travel I would take a small group to the nearest Native American community, or the reservation (rez). Just so people from the urban community can get an opportunity to see their roots. Did you know that 85 percent of Black people have Native American in their lineage?"

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