Mississippi Choctaws headed to polls for another chief election

Members of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians will go to the polls tomorrow to elect a chief.

Phyliss J. Anderson was declared the winner of a June 14 election. She defeated incumbent Beasley Denson but the results were thrown out by the tribal council.

The tribe scheduled a rematch and another candidate, Shirley Martin Berg, joined the race. But the main battle appears to be between Anderson, who hopes to be the first woman to lead the tribe, and Denson, who is trying to hold onto power for a second term.

Anderson has criticized Denson's dealings with non-Indian companies, including an Atlanta company that has received millions of dollars in tribal funds. Denson just announced that he has ended a contract with the Titan Agency for marketing.

The Titan Agency is owned by Mercury Gaming Group. Both companies were named in a search warrant that the FBI executed at the tribe's casino.

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