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Letter: Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation land-into-trust a no win game

"Currently the Yocha DeHe Wintun Tribe is asking the Bureau of Indian Affairs to convert 800-plus acres of fee land into trust status. Trust status confers a status upon the Tribe that severely impacts the neighbors, the public, and the County.

Several problems with trust status are: 1. The Tribe has no legal accountability if problems occur. Neither the adjacent property owners or the public have any right of redress. 2. The stated use of the property can be changed to any use the Tribe wishes i.e. Walmart, etc. 3. The land is forever removed from the tax rolls and County jurisdiction.

Trust status is a one way street much like gambling at a casino. One group wins and the community loses. A zero sum game."

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Tom Frederick: Implications of trust status for the community (The Woodland Daily Democrat 9/16)

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