John Adcox: Native corporation ignores people on Pebble Mine

"As reflected on the pages of the Daily News, and in their actions, the Bristol Bay Native Corp. board of directors have abandoned the residents who live around Lake Iliamna. Not one person on the BBNC board is from the lake-area villages. Many of us can feel their open discomfort in having to answer the hard questions we pose about our future and about BBNC's fiduciary responsibility to all shareholders.

It is my view that our regional corporation board members have abandoned their fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders by the actions they continue to take against development in our region. Through the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, we were given land and money to promote economic opportunities for our people. In Alaska this means responsible resource development. It is the foundation of our economy.

In an interesting twist, the lake-area village corporations are stepping into leadership roles that our regional corporation leaders ignore. Pebble is an opportunity that we have an obligation to fully review. The lake-area village corporations have sought a seat at the table with the Pebble people and are engaged in learning about Pebble's plans and learning about mining and the permitting process."

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