House Natural Resources Committee approves five Indian bills

The House Natural Resources Committee approved five Indian bills at a markup on Wednesday.

The bills are:
H.R.443, to provide for the conveyance of certain property to the Maniilaq Association. A hearing was held on April 7.
H.R.1162, to provide the Quileute Tribe of Washington tsunami and flood protection. A hearing was held on September 15.
H.R.1461, to authorize the Mescalero Apache Nation of New Mexico to lease adjudicated water rights. A hearing was held on September 22.
H.R.1556, to amend the Omnibus Indian Advancement Act to allow certain land to be used to generate income to provide funding for academic programs. A hearing was held on September 22.
H.R.3069, to amend the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 to authorize the Warm Springs Tribes, the Umatilla Tribes, the Yakama Nation and the Nez Perce Tribe to obtain federal permits to remove a limited number of sea lions from the Columbia River. A hearing was held on June 14.

All five bills were reported to the House.

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House panel looks to make it easier for states to kill sea lions feasting on salmon (AP 10/5)

Committee Notice:
Full Committee Markup on H.R. 306, H.R. 443, H.R. 588, H.R. 850, H.R. 991, H.R. 1162, H.R. 1461, H.R. 1466, H.R. 1505, H.R. 1556, H.R. 1740, H.R. 2060, H.R. 2351, H.R. 2352, H.R. 2360, H.R. 2578, H.R. 2752, H.R. 2803, H.R. 2842, H.R. 2915 and H.R. 3069 (October 5, 2011)

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