Opinion: Greed and racism with removal of Cherokee Freedmen

"The Cherokee Nation recently had the audaciousness to exile 2,800 Black Cherokee Indians from the Tribe and has stripped them of all privileges, which first and foremost includes the right to vote, medical care, food stipends and financial assistance for low-income homeowners.

I know some Indians still smoke the peace pipe but what was in the one that these ill-advised Cherokees were smoking before they decided to treacherously switch allegiance and stab their brethren in the back?

Two words says it all – GREED and RACISM!

Here’s the backdrop – five members of what America recognizes as “Civilized Tribes” which are Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw Freedmen, Creek, and Seminole enslaved Blacks during Colonial America.

This part is very contradictory in terms because America labeled the Indians “civilized” since they signed peace treaties with the government after the Army killed off all their buffalo [food supply], practically massacred every Tribe they encountered, committed mass destruction by infecting Tribes with the Smallpox virus and finally removed them from Indian territory during the infamous “Trail of Tears”."

Get the Story:
Jimmie Davis, Jr.: Cherokee Nation drives out 2,800 Black Indians from Tribe [part 1] (The Westside Gazette 10/6)
Cherokee Nation drives out 2,800 Black Indians from Tribe [part 2] (The Westside Gazette 10/6)

Cherokee Nation Supreme Court Decision:
Cherokee Nation Registrar v. Nash (August 22, 2011)

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