S.E. Ruckman: Keystone XL Pipeline impacts Indian Country

"This past month, I saw news stories that seemed to echo from the comic books of my past. At a recent meeting of the United Nations (UN), leaders of small countries in the Pacific said they are mapping out a mass exodus because of the rising seas levels caused from melting glaciers. Basically, some island people intend to relocate to higher ground or another country. They were utterly serious.

Then there’s a story on how destructing the forests are eradicating one of the planet’s great climate regulation systems. My stomach dropped. Similar to when you hit a nail on the highway and you hear the flap of your tire at the same time. That sure, sinking feeling.

Now with that in mind, I read an addendum on an environmental impact status report from the U.S. Department of State about the Keystone XL pipeline. It contained edits to the original version that amounted to changes of roughly 100 words total. These minutiae did not comfort me about the overall environmental impact this mega-ton pipeline would have on Indian Country.

The 1,700 mile pipeline plan is to run from the tar sands in Alberta, Canada clear through Cushing, Okla. (Sac & Fox jurisdiction). The nutshell idea is to extract oil from the sand and transport it to the refineries of Texas."

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