Delvin Cree: No freedom of the press for Turtle Mountain Band

"A recent vendetta against me for writing an article to newspapers in September has forced me to resign my position as the Turtle Mountain Reservation oil and gas specialist.

A recent "special" meeting request prepared by the tribe's vice chairman was put in place to rescind a consulting contract I have with the tribe.

This past week, I was discussing the meeting agenda with the vice chairman and a few other tribal leaders. A couple of discussions had taken place and the most recent conversation had the vice chairman mentioning I shouldn't have written an article that was published in newspapers. To this day, I do not know specifically what article he may be addressing. Currently, I am a freelance investigative reporter for our tribal newspaper and at times, I write an opinion to address important issues in our community."

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Delvin Cree: Resigning from reservation job (The Bismarck Tribune 10/16)

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