Column: Proposed mine affects Bad River Ojibwe Reservation

"Minnesota isn't the only state with an iron range. Gogebic Taconite wants to dig a 4.5 by 1.5 mile open pit mine south of Ashland, Wis. to extract billions of tons of ore. The company this week released its own economic impact study that promises:

- 700 direct mining jobs with an annual average salary estimated at $60,000 plus approximately $20,000 in benefits
- 2,834 total jobs created
- $604 million total annual economic benefit
- $17.15 million total annual state and local tax revenue

The operation will produce taconite for Wisconsin’s manufacturing industry for products from cars to appliances, among many others, the company says on its web site., a regional business news web site, provides a good perspective on the different view points, environmental and economic. The pit would put the Penokee aquifer and the Bad River water shed at risk, says the No Sulfide Mining group, which is fighting the PolyMet mine in northern Minnesota."

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True North by Josephine Marcotty: The mining debate in Northern Wis. heats up (The Minneapolis Star Tribune 6/22)

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