Crystal Willcuts: Teach our children about tolerance, not hate

"Have you noticed how much anger there is in the world? As I was driving my car one day, I found myself behind a car with two bumper stickers. One had a cheeky boy peeing on Obama’s name. The other made mention of people being ignorant for voting for President Obama.

I was enjoying my day until this yahoo, deciding to wear his anger and hatred on his car, felt it necessary to attack everyone who could read and had the misfortune of driving behind him.

I voted for Obama and will probably do so again, but that doesn’t make me ignorant or stupid. I didn’t agree with George Bush being elected twice but that didn’t make me want to slap hateful propaganda on my vehicle. It’s the coward’s drive-by and I am not a coward. And might I add I graduated summa cum laude and have an IQ of 154? Yes, that is grandiose self promotion but I think I’ve made my point."

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