Marc Simmons: Insider gave knowledge about Pueblo Revolt

"In the summer of 1680, a seismic upheaval among the Pueblo Indians brought down Spain's colony of New Mexico. A general revolt of the Native people spread throughout the land, resulting in more than 450 people killed, including 21 Franciscan missionaries.

Gov. Antonio de Otermín led survivors down the Rio Grande as far as El Paso to begin 12 years of exile. In his first official report of the disaster, the governor confessed that his own sins and failures had caused it.

Upon sober reflection, he later blamed the loss of New Mexico on scheming by the devil. More than a year was required to gather men and supplies, allowing Otermín to lead a small force upriver in a bid to retake his province.

The expedition lacked the necessary firepower and failed miserably in the end. Yet, it did manage to collect Indian accounts that helped Spaniards better understand what had happened in 1680. "

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Marc Simmons: Trail Dust: Insider's tale of Pueblo Revolt was gold mine for governor (The Santa Fe New Mexican 11/19)

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