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Senate Indian Affairs Committee approves bills at meeting

The Senate Indian Affairs Committee approved two bills at a business meeting on Thursday.

The committee approved S.1763, the SAVE Native Women Act. The bill restores tribal jurisdiction over non-Indians in domestic violence cases.

"The SAVE Native Women Act is will work to prevent violent crimes against Native women and will hold perpetrators accountable for their criminal behavior,” said Sen. Daniel Akaka (D-Hawaii), the chairman of the committee. “Although we cannot change the past or right the wrongs for those who have been victimized, we can change their futures by passing legislation to better protect Native women, children and families, and by putting a stop to this cycle of violence.”

The Obama administration supports the bill, which has 11 co-sponsors, all Democrats. Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nevada), the Senate majority leader, just signed on to the effort.

“The SAVE Native Women Act takes steps to address the epidemic of violence against Native women,” Reid said. “Abuse and sex trafficking of women will not be tolerated, and I will continue to support legislation that helps keep tribal communities safe in Nevada and all of Indian Country.”

The committee also approved S.1065, the Blackfoot River Land Settlement. The bill settles a land dispute involving the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes of Idaho.

Committee Notice:
Business Meeting (December 8, 2011)

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