Billy Frank: Treaty tribes commit to co-management of salmon

"I’m starting to wonder if Washington state’s budget problems mean it will no longer be able to co-manage natural resources with the treaty tribes. Even President Obama has said recently that the state’s budget crisis is a “huge problem.”

Like most of state government, natural resources agencies are likely going to see a huge hit during this upcoming legislative session as the state seeks to fill its $2 billion budget gap. It’s sad to see state government backing away from the basic work of natural resources management, but there’s been at least one bright spot.

The governor has wisely proposed a one-time transfer of $1.5 million from the state Department of Fish and Wildlife‘s wildlife fund to protect salmon production at several hatcheries. We hope the legislature will support her plan. Sport, commercial and tribal fishermen from the ocean to deep south Sound would all feel the effects of the lost hatchery production."

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