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Column: University of Utah should eliminate 'Utes' nickname

"When word recently drifted out that the University of Utah possibly was, or is, considering getting a new logo and a new nickname for its sports teams, traditionalists around here went berserk.

Somehow, in that moment, the drum and feather — or, as some refer to it, the circle and feather — and the term "Utes" were together seen, in a sports context, as sacrosanct and untouchable, at least in the view of those who were angered by the prospects of change.

But maybe it is time to make that change.

Should the University of Utah do away with the ‘Utes’ nickname and the drum-and-feather logo?

Utah has done it before, back some 40 years ago when the school switched from Redskins to Utes. It can do it again, and probably should."

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Gordon Monson: University of Utah should drop the ‘Utes’ nickname (The Salt Lake Tribune 1/11)

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