Opinion: Repatriation of Native remains goes against science

"Research science and physical anthropology has taken a giant leap backward under the stewardship of the hard left, politically correct, multiculturalists running the Department of Interior. It is no surprise that the Obama Administration will now enforce radical racial and ethnic litmus tests on scientifically significant human remains up to 12,000 years old.

This is anti-science lunacy cloaked in 21st century Marxist rhetoric. Weren't these tribes nomadic? How can we determine what tribes existed six thousand years ago? Will our enlightened government decipher that Aztec Mesoamerican remains should go to Mexico and while Mayan remains should be repatriated to Belize or El Salvador?

This is an election year. How long until some tribes demand tens of millions of dollars in reparations plus the costs associated with storing, transporting, and re-burying these "culturally unidentifiable remains?"

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Lee DeCovnick: Department of the Interior's anti-science political correctness (The American Thinker 1/22)

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