Robert Chanate: Adventures in crazy talk on a Greyhound

"You see some crazy behavior and hear unhinged conversations when riding on a Greyhound Bus.

I was thinking this when, three hours south of Denver, our bus made a short stop to pick up more passengers. The bus was nearly full so the new passengers were taking the first available seats they came across. I was near the back watching the boarding passengers when I saw a friend from Denver, Beto, getting on. I waved to get his attention and he made his way to the extra seat beside me, smiling the whole way. I hadn’t seen Beto since a couple of months before summer, which was now winding down.

“I saw how crowded the bus was and I was thinkin’ ‘there’s gotta be someone on there I know so I’m not even worried about a seat’,” Beto said. We started talking about how we usually ran across at least one Native person on the bus. If the Native is a stranger, we still approach them and ask what tribe they are or where they’re from. Sometimes there aren’t any Natives on long bus rides but the rides can still be interesting."

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Robert Chanate: Crazy Talk and Behavior on a Bus (Indian Country Today 1/26)

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