Opinion: Tuscarora group invents clans to hold onto power

"As members of the Tuscarora ruling junta scrambled to buy support for their regime with the promise of paltry individual payouts on the reservation last week, documents made available to the Niagara Falls Reporter show that a secret agreement being hammered out with the federal government threatens to keep the illegitimate leadership in power for years to come.

The document, a memorandum of understanding that would govern Washington's recognition of the Tuscarora Tribe, establishes for the first time the existence of two clans -- the White Bear and Sand Turtle clans -- that simply do not exist historically in the Tuscarora tradition.

Furthermore, clan mothers and chiefs from these fraudulent clans are named in the government organizational chart accompanying the document.

"This is a complete restructuring of government on the reservation," one prominent Tuscarora said. "They're changing our form of government and not telling anyone they're doing it." "

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