Wizipan Garriot: Great Sioux Nation remains unorganized

"Since I was a young boy, I’ve heard countless self-proclaimed activists, traditionalists, traditional chiefs, treaty council delegates, elected tribal leaders, and intellectuals spout about honoring the treaties. It’s a subject to which I’ve devoted many hours (both productive and unproductive) of contemplation, wondering about the spiritual consequences (remember this agreement was sealed with the Canunpa), legal and philosophical esoteric theories, and the practical implications of the 1851 and 1868 Fort Laramie Treaties. Almost every discussion is about why the treaties need to be honored, but I’ve only heard one other person ever ask, “What if tomorrow the treaties were honored?”

In all honesty, as things stand today, we would most likely descend into chaos, and the United States and United Nations would have to be called back in to provide food, and safety. We’d be back to relying upon the Government for everything. Here’s how, and why."

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Wizipan Garriot: What if Tomorrow the Treaties Were Honored? (The Last Real Indians 2/1)

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