BIA threatens to cut Navajo Nation law enforcement funding

The Bureau of Indian Affairs is threatening to pull $35 million in law enforcement funding due to "alleged misconducts" by top Navajo Nation law enforcement officials.

Citing reports in The Navajo Times, the BIA is asking the Navajo Division of Public Safety to "provide a corrective action response" to allegations involving Director John Billison. The paper reported that Billison has a history of domestic violence off the reservation.

The paper also said Billison concealed domestic violence charges against a director he promoted. Additionally, there's been allegations of mismanagement of federal funds by the former chief of police.

The BIA wants a response by February 9. If it's not adequate, the tribe could lose two self-determination contracts, the Times reported.

Navajo President Ben Shelly ignored the Times when a reporter asked him about the issue, the paper said.

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BIA may pull $35 million police contract (The Navajo Times 2/2)

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