KTSK: Sealaska donates cedar logs for clan house renovation

"The Sealaska Corporation’s board of directors recently approved the donation of twelve cedar tree logs for Wrangell Cooperative Association’s Chief Shakes Island renovation project. The project began last spring with the adzing of more than 7,000 sq ft of cedar boards to replace the walls, posts and flooring of the house. KSTK's Charlotte Duren has the details.

With Sealaska’s recent donation of cedar logs the WCA is confident they’ll be able to complete the renovation of the 70-year-old clan house this spring. Sealaska’s Vice Chair Rosita Worl says she’s excited to see the project move forward.

“It’s a community affair. If our culture is going to survive, we need to cultivate an interest and educate non-native people, so that they can have an appreciation as well as benefit from the culture. And that’s what I saw from Wrangell’s application, that the community was very involved in supporting the project,” she says."

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Sealaska donates twelve logs to Chief Shakes renovation project (KTSK 2/5)

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