White woman mistaken for Indian woman received settlement

A White woman who spent seven days in jail after being mistaken for an Indian woman reached a settlement with police in Denver, Colorado, where similar incidents are the focus of a federal lawsuit.

Christina FourHorn looks nothing like Christin Fourhorn, who was wanted in an aggravated robbery case. But Denver police nonetheless kept Christina locked up, away from her husband and children.

“The scariest part of it was that they would not even listen to all of the facts that I had,” Christina FourHorn, who was arrested in 2007, told The New York Times. “It made me lose my trust in the justice system.”

As part of a lawsuit, the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado says police in Denver routinely arrest the wrong people. The group says it has evidence of more than 600 cases between 2002 and 2009.

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Mistaken Identity Cases at Heart of Denver Lawsuit Over Wrongful Arrests (The New York Times 2/16)

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