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Stanford News: Exhibit showcases work of Pueblo painters

"In the first decades of the 20th century, a local movement in Santa Fe helped launch the modern school of Native American painting and paved the way toward its recognition in the national art market. The movement started simply with watercolor instruction in living rooms and classrooms and evolved into formalized studio training of generations of painters.

Memory and Markets: Pueblo Painting in the Early 20th Century, at the Cantor Arts Center Feb. 22 through May 27, spotlights an important development in Native American art history. The paintings in the exhibition represent the emergence of Native American painting on paper in the modern art market. Recent gifts from the collection of Malcolm and Karen Whyte and four important loans from the California Academy of Sciences augment highlights from the Center's collection. The exhibition will remain on view through Stanford's 41st annual Powwow in May."

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Highlights from Stanford's Native American paintings collection are showcased in Memory and Markets: Pueblo Painting in the Early 20th Century (Stanford News 2/22)

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