BIA agrees to mediate Chukchansi Tribe's leadership dispute

The Bureau of Indian Affairs has agreed to mediate a leadership dispute within the Picayune Rancheria of the Chukchansi Indians in California.

Two factions, one led by Morris Reid and the other by Reggie Lewis, clashed violently at tribal headquarters on Tuesday. Both groups vacated the building on Wednesday after Madera County Sheriff John Anderson negotiated a 48-hour cooling off period.

County deputies are now patrolling the headquarters to keep the peace. It's not clear what will happen next but the BIA has "reached out to the parties and we are supporting the tribe's efforts to reach a peaceful resolution," a spokesperson told the Associated Press.

Lewis, who served as chairman, was apparently voted out of office last year. Reid says he will put an end to future disenrollments if he gains control of the tribe.

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