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Rep. Betty McCollum co-sponsors SAVE Native Women Act

H.R.4154, the Stand Against Violence and Empower (SAVE) Native Women Act, was introduced on Wednesday.

Rep. Betty McCollum (D-Minnesota) is one of four co-sponsors of the bill. Among other provisions, the bill recognizes tribal authority over non-Indians who commit dating violence and domestic violence and who violate protection orders.

"The bill will combat trafficking and violence against Native women," McCollum told the National Congress of American Indians yesterday. "This bill will also help give tribal courts the tools to prosecute non-tribal members who commit domestic against Native American women on reservations."

"Violence against Indian women is a destructive epidemic and it must be stopped," McCollum added, drawing applause from tribal leaders.

Last December, the Senate Indian Affairs Committee approved S.1763, a similar version of the bill. Some portions of that bill -- notably, the recognition of tribal authority over non-Indians -- have been added to S.1925, the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.

Tribal leaders are seeking more support for S.1925 in order to ensure the tribal provisions stay intact.

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