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Doug Cuthand: Women taking the lead among First Nations

"I recall that when I was growing up, the men would walk ahead and their wives would follow, with their head down. I never thought much about it because it was how things were done. Indian women today are more likely to be the breadwinners, and this has resulted in a role reversal and domestic discord. Thursday was International Women's day, and it was a time to review our changing society in Indian country.

In the past couple of decades Indian women have reversed their roles with men, and this change has largely flown under the radar. We are now looking at a very different aboriginal society from what we had 30 years ago, and the catalyst for change has been education. The Department of Aboriginal Affairs has a program that provides tuition and a living allowance to eligible students who pursue post-secondary education. Women especially have been diligent in using this program. Two-thirds of the First Nations students currently in post secondary programs are women, and three-quarters of the graduates are women."

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Doug Cuthand: Role reversal creates tension in Indian Country (The Saskatoon StarPhoenix 3/9)

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