Gabrielle Tateyuskanskan: Blaming victims for 'victimhood'

"I was very disappointed to read Chuck Trimble’s mean-spirited, divisive commentary “Keeping Victimhood in Perspective.” I have never met Mr. Trimble, so I will introduce myself. I live in the rural community of Enemy Swim on the Lake Traverse Reservation. I am a Dakota author, member of the Oak Lake Writers, a member of the South Dakota Humanities Indian Task Force and I am the Gaby you mention in your article. My family has experienced injustice as Dakota people. As a family we have not whined about victimhood as you imply in your commentary but have worked hard to confront injustice and help our communities improve with compassion as Kunsi, my grandmother, modeled.

It was my mother who was brutalized as a 6-year-old and she will never forget it. In spite of many of my mother’s negative boarding school experiences she continued her education attending the University of Minnesota and graduated with distinction. She went on to attend Harvard University and obtained a graduate degree and a Certificate of Advanced Study. As a retired professional in the field of education her training and experience have given her insight into the reasons why education institutions have failed to adequately educate tribal people and changes that should be implemented. In 2004 she was recognized by the South Dakota Hall Of Fame for her achievements in the field of education."

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Gabrielle Tateyuskanskan: A Response to Chuck Trimble’s “Keeping Victimhood in Perspective” (Indian Country Today 3/11)

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