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Allison Saur: Using tribal heritage to build online community

"As a member of the Chickasaw Nation and long time digital marketing professional, my research into a definition of tribe began with my own heritage. The indigenous peoples of North America know a lot about community, identity and loyalty. Native American identities been assaulted for hundreds of years of assault on their tribal existence, but they persist, and even thrive.

When American Indians are asked about being “Native,” themes of pride, commitment and a “we” identity rise to the top of the discussion. This sense of community and identity is not exclusive to indigenous peoples; it arises from practices that are found throughout human interaction, and even in online communities.

There are three Pillars that support a tribe: Language, Culture and Organization. Under each of these are a several tools to support strong community development. Each article in the series will address a Tribal Pillar and review a single technique in more detail."

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