Isleta Pueblo suspends two council members amid turmoil

Leaders of Isleta Pueblo in New Mexico continue to bicker with one another, resulting in the suspensions of two council members.

After being accused of acting hostile during council meetings, Diane Peigler and ReGina Zuni were slapped with restraining orders. They say the real reason for their suspension is their criticism of other tribal leaders.

Peigler authors a blog that is critical of the tribal government. Peigler and Zuni belong to a Facebook group called Haw-Men-Choo Forum that promotes free speech on the reservation.

Both women were ordered to "cease malicious and slanderous content from social media, including blogs and Facebook," The Valencia County News-Bulletin reported.

Cynthia Jaramillo, a fellow council member, filed ethics complaints against Peigler and Zuni. Peigler previously questioned whether Jaramillo was eligible to hold office after Jaramillo pleaded no contest in tribal court to child abuse.

Both women also question why they are being targeted because Lt. Gov. Edward Paul Torres was convicted of DWI last month. The tribe's attorney, Pablo Padilla, also has a DWI conviction that dates to 2005.

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Isleta Suspends 2 Tribal Councilors (The Valencia County News-Bulletin 3/14)

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