Monique La Chappa: Campo Band seeks to tap wind power

"Wind power is making a difference. As a local source of clean energy, it reduces our dependence on foreign oil while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Wind power creates American jobs, and perhaps most important for the Campo Band, it is providing revenue and economic diversification so that members of our Tribe can have a better quality of life.

As American Indian people, we are caretakers of the earth. We have a responsibility to help protect the environment and our sacred cultural resources. I take pride in the Campo Band’s leadership in developing renewable energy on American tribal lands.

I write today to dispel some of the misinformation about wind energy, and the Shu’luuk Wind project in particular. Providing economic opportunities for our Tribe, and protecting Mother Earth, in fact can go hand in hand."

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Monique La Chappa: THE TRUTH ABOUT WIND POWER (East County Magazine 3/17)

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