Column: Landmarks honor legacy of Spokane Tribe's leader

"There are a number of landmarks around town honoring the legacy of Spokane Garry, the storied leader in the Spokane Tribe of Indians who is also considered the region’s first educator.

Interestingly, the man himself was laid to rest in a pauper’s grave, and it was the activities of a few citizens and a chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution that provided a more appropriate burial site and a landmark-worthy headstone.

Spokane Garry (also called Spokan Garry or Chief Garry, though he was not formally named chief of the tribe) was born around 1811, the son of Illum Spokanee, chief of the Middle and Upper Bands of the Spokanes."

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Stefanie Pettit: Landmarks: Many sites honor Spokane Garry (The Spokesman Review 3/22)

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