Opinion: Nisqually Tribe offers model for restorative justice (

"Midway through the schematic design for the new Nisqually Public Safety Complex, I experienced a “wow moment.” I realized that our client, the Nisqually Tribal Police and Corrections Departments, practiced a remarkably successful form of restorative justice. The Nisqually form of restorative justice fuses traditional cultural values of spirituality, family and community with a highly respected and modern system of justice. Rather than a system designed to punish, it’s a form of justice designed to restore victims, offenders and their families. Listening to our client, our firm’s understanding of how native culture can positively influence justice and justice architecture grew immeasurably. Non-tribal communities should take note. The Nisqually Tribe and other native communities have much to offer towards improving how justice is administered in America."

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Mark A. Beardemphl: A Model for Restorative Justice in America (Correctional News 3/28)

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