Ray Cook: Political assimilation permeating in Indian Country

"Without the land there are no roots and without the roots there are no people and without the people, well, no government can stand upright on its own. I don’t know if the California-based nations understand that, judging by the dismemberment (disenrollment) movement going on out that way. And the Cherokee Nation is not assisting in this important dialogue at all.

I am not big on the capitulations the Cherokee and their sister nations have made over the decades. What self-respecting nation would even consider allowing the BIA to have final approval on their government amendments and referendums? The IRA is killing our understanding of sovereignty. No one needs to look any further than the politically assimilated ruminations of some leaders of national Indian representative organizations to savor its bitter taste.

Political assimilation is no different than cultural assimilation. If a Native leader claims to be a proud American, I applaud them and their convictions. And we all should help them move their belongings so they can live among them.

My country ’tis of thee, thy people are dying."

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