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Northern Arapaho Tribe labels federal eagle permit a 'sham'

The Northern Arapaho Tribe of Wyoming says a federal permit to kill two bald eagles is a "sham" because it isn't valid in Indian Country.

The permit, issued by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, does not allow tribal members to take eagles on the Wind River Reservation. That means the only option is the state of Wyoming -- where killing eagles is against state law.

“Any tribal member taking an eagle pursuant to the March 9, 2012, permit is subject to arrest and prosecution by the State of Wyoming, whether the take occurs on federal, state or other lands ” the tribe said in a federal court filing, the Associated Press reported.

The director of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department is looking into the issue, the AP said. Officials wouldn't say whether they would join the litigation.

The tribe shares the Wind River Reservation with the Eastern Shoshone Tribe.

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