Opinion: Tribes looking to reclaim heritage with bison herds

"Last week's arrival of Yellowstone bison at Fort Peck followed years of controversy over the slaughter of the animals that wandered out of Yellowstone. The relocation followed an environmental assessment by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, public meetings and thousands of public comments.

The animals shipped to Fort Peck were held in quarantine for five years and were repeatedly tested for brucellosis. They will continue to be tested. A publicized agreement between the tribes and the state is specific about the management, facilities and fencing required.

It's no secret that Native Americans have long sought the return of the genetically pure bison to tribal lands. The National Wildlife Federation has been vocal about trying to find a way to preserve these important links to our country's cultural and conservation heritage."

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Garrit Voggesser: Bison relocation is a good policy (The Billings Gazette 4/5)

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