Navajo candidate loses lawsuit against Navajo candidate

A judge in New Mexico has dismissed a lawsuit that sought to remove Sen. John Pinto, a member of the Navajo Nation, from the ballot.

Pinto, 87, was accused of filing fraudulent and inaccurate nominating petitions. But the judge ruled that Matthew Tso, also Navajo, failed to file his challenge on time.

Ironically, the judge based his decision on a case involving Tso's boyfriend, Kerby Johnson, The Farmington Daily Times. The 2010 ruling helped Johnson, who was running for magistrate judge, stay on the ballot, the paper sad.

Tso, 33, has faced questions about his candidacy, including his claim that he earned a degree from Dartmouth College. He says he has been awarded his diploma but hasn't received a copy in the mail.

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