Editorial: Fort Peck Reservation school works to do better

"When the Montana Office of Public Instruction notified Frazer's schools that because of poor performance, it was stepping in with a federally funded program intended to turn things around, the state office didn't get push-back. They got buy in.

"I saw it coming," said Frazer School Board member Jewel Ackerman. "Thank God it came. It was a relief to know our children are going to get caught up and won't fall behind.

Dorothy Morrison, a Frazer teacher for 33 years said, "We knew we needed to improve. It's causing everybody to be more focused, knowing what the goals are."

Frazer High School sophomore Anjelica Fourstar said "It made me feel like I had to try harder to make our school better.""

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Editorial: The lessons to be learned from Frazer's schools (The Great Falls Tribune 4/11)

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