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Utah Navajo programs at standstill in trust fund dispute

Members of the Navajo Nation who live in Utah are unable to access their trust money due to a dispute over who controls the fund.

The state withdrew as trustee after agreeing to a $33 million settlement to resolve past mismanagement claims. But Congress has yet to designate a new manager for the funds, which are derived from oil and gas activity in San Juan County.

Meanwhile, Navajos in Utah can't access the Utah Navajo Royalties Holding Fund, which pays for health, education and other programs. The fund currently holds $52 million, The San Juan Record reports.

The central Navajo Nation government wants to control the fund but Utahs in Navajo say they should be in charge.

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Utah sued again by Utah Dine for mismanaging Navajo Trust Fund (The San Juan Record 4/11)

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