Opinion: Crazy Horse an inspiration to new Indian journalists

"Native American Indians are the most underrepresented minority in the professional news media. But 43 young Indian high school would-be journalists from nine states are in Crazy Horse, S.D., in the shadow of one of their heroes this week to learn how to further their future in the mixed new media.

It's an annual event now in its 13th year, sponsored by the Freedom Forum -- an international organization that I helped found -- to promote free press, free speech and free spirit.

It's called the Crazy Horse Journalism Workshop. Crazy Horse -- in case you don't know or have forgotten -- was the Indian leader who fought against Gen. George Custer in the Battle of Little Bighorn in neighboring Montana."

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Tim Giago, Ruth Ziolkowski and Al Neuharth: Crazy Horse spurs young Indian media (The Chilliocothe Gazette 4/21)

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