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House Resources Committee markup for five bills of interest

The House Natural Resources Committee is hosting a markup on Wednesday.

The agenda includes five bills of interest: They are:
HR.919, the Mohave Valley Land Conveyance Act. The bill transfers federal land to the Arizona Game and Fish Commission for use as a shooting range. The Hopi Tribe opposes the shooting range, to be located near sacred sites at Walnut Canyon National Monument.
H.R. 1272, the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe Judgment Fund Distribution Act. The bill distributes a $28 million judgment fund to the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe. Five of the six Chippewa bands support the bill but the Leech Lake Band opposes it.
H.R. 2467, the Bridgeport Indian Colony Land Trust, Health, and Economic Development Act. The bill places approximately 39.36 acres in trust for the Bridgeport Indian Colony of California. The tribe gained federal recognition in 1974.
H.R. 4027, a bill to authorize a land swap for the Ute Tribe. The bill allows the tribe to protect 20,000 acres of culturally important sites on the reservation while authorizing mineral development elsewhere.
H.R. 4222, a bill to transfer land to the Pascua Yaqui Tribe of Arizona. The tribe gained federal recognition in 1978.

Committee Notice:
Full Committee Markup on H.R. 460, H.R. 919, H.R. 1237, H.R. 1272, H.R. 1818, H.R. 2467, H.R. 2489, H.R. 2621, H.R. 3874, H.R. 4027, H.R. 4222, S 363 and S. 925 (April 25, 2012)

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