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In These Times: Lakota activists take on Keystone XL plan

"Several hundred miles north, Native American activists on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota took their own stand against tar sands oil.

On March 5, about 75 Lakota Indians blockaded two trucks carrying tar sands equipment that had overwhelmed a two-lane highway through the reservation. After a six-hour standoff, tribal police arrested five activists, but the group declared victory when the trucks were escorted to the edge of the reservation. Though the trucks were not TransCanada’s, Lakota activists object to the use of tribal roads to transport equipment for tar sands oil – which is opposed by both U.S. and Canadian tribes – on the grounds of sovereignty. They say that Keystone XL and other pipelines jeopardize their water resources."

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Target: Tar Sands (In These Times 4/24)

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