Letter: Enough of government 'care' for Native Americans

"It's high time for the federal government to dissolve the 1830s-era Indian treaties and make Native Americans equal U.S. citizens. Despite being recipients of the most obscene and longest-lasting welfare program in U.S. history, they still want more. Now they want to control Oklahoma's water. U.S. government “care” for Indians costs billions of dollars annually. The $4 billion Indian Health Service budget provided 54,000 inpatient admissions, 11 million outpatient visits and 3.5 million dental services last year — all for free.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development spends $650 million per year buying Indians new homes — free. The Bureau of Indian Education funds and operates 183 Indian schools and 28 Indian colleges to provide educations to Indian students — free. Indian exemption from federal fuel taxes provides a huge profit advantage and an extreme competitive edge over other fuel operators. Casino gambling is guaranteed to virtually any tribe and is denied in most places to investors of other races."

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Norm Waldroop: U.S. compensated many generations of American Indians (The Oklahoman 4/22)

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