Jeff Estep: Helping veterans and their families get assistance

"I thought I understood everything about being a veteran for many years.

After all, my father served 31 years with the Army Air Corps and the United States Air Force, through three wars and finished as an e-9. Not to mention my eight years as a Marine – Semper Fi.

I had a military ID for the first 30 years of my life – I was military made you could say.

The two of us contributed to being among the largest ethnic group serving in the United States Military on a per capita basis, along with many other members of my family.

However, I have since found how little I really understand about our benefits; and the impact active duty has on our family, our friends, and us. Additionally, as I mature (code word for old guy), I realize that our military service is part of our lives forever."

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Jeff Estep: Providing Valuable Information for Veterans, Families and Friends (Indian Country Today 5/1)

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