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KPLU: Officials questioned tax status of Chehalis Tribe resort

"Great Wolf Resorts is a Wisconsin-based chain of indoor water parks and hotels. Four years ago, the company expanded what it calls its “paw print” to the Northwest.

It opened its first west coast property at Grand Mound, Washington south of Olympia. The state of Washington declared the resort tax exempt because Great Wolf partnered with the Chehalis Indian Tribe.

Now, Correspondent Austin Jenkins has obtained internal state documents that question that tax-free status – potentially worth tens of millions of dollars.

Great Wolf Lodge is the kind of place that will soak your kids and your pocketbook.

To play here, you have to stay here. Two nights in the hotel can easily top $600. But families come here from all over the region."

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Documents show agency insiders questioned Great Wolf Lodge tax exemption (KPLU 5/16)

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