Hockey team ignores national trend and picks an Indian mascot

A new North American Hockey League Junior A team in Pennsylvania will be known as the "Tomahawks."

The Johnstown Tomahawks also have an Indian-themed logo. It's an Indian head with a feather and a crossed pair of cut-stone tomahawks.

The Indian mascot was picked because Johnston was the locale of the "Slapshots" movie. The team in the movie was known as the "Chiefs."

“We wanted to respect the tradition of the Chiefs, and this was the second best way to go about it,” Rick Bouchard, the team's president, said at a press conference, The Grand Forks Herald reported.

Bouchard went to the University of North Dakota, the school known for its "Fighting Sioux" mascot and Indian head logo.

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‘Slapshot’ town embraces Indian nickname, logo (The Grand Forks Herald 5/25)

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