Ruth Hopkins: Guilt, fear and apathy fuel the zombie apocalypse

"We’ve all heard the story by now: the vicious attack by a nude, face-eating cannibal in Florida over Memorial Day weekend. On a ramp of the MacArthur Causeway in Miami, Rudy Eugene spent approximately 18 minutes chewing the face off of a homeless man. Police had to shoot Eugene dead to get him to stop.

From Maryland, another disturbing case was reported. A college student confessed to authorities that he not only killed someone, but that he ate his heart, and some of his brain. Then in New Jersey, a crazed man stabbed himself more than 50 times. Even though the police peppered-sprayed him, he still managed to throw parts of his own intestines at them.

It’s no wonder that wild tales of an upcoming zombie apocalypse have been running rampant on social networks. After all, what sort of person could kill another human being then eat them? Such despicable, gruesome behavior was certainly zombie-like. Especially considering that the perpetrators were reportedly difficult to put down, despite being shot. Superfluous reports of flesh-eating bacteria and other bizarre tales that fit neatly into the niche of zombie lore only added to the frenzy."

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Ruth Hopkins: The Zombie Apocalypse: Brought to You by Guilt, Fear and Apathy (Indian Country Today 6/7)

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