Simon Moya-Smith: Catholic nuns take on Doctrine of Discovery

"Well, folks, Mitt the Mormon has locked the GOP presidential candidacy, and for the first time in 10 years I’m giving serious consideration to spending the morning of Nov. 6 at the beach or bar or breakfast table—anywhere but that vile voting booth.

But we’re not talking about my waning will to vote here, or about the royal race for the American crown, or the fact that Mittens and his fellow didactic, dogmatic Mormon congregates inexorably believe that American Indians are the direct descendants of thieves and thugs, sinners and sots.

No. We’ll examine that mawkish Mormon-based Lamanite mythology another time. Today, we’re talking about Catholicism, the Sisters of Loretto and the former nun Mary Helen Sandoval of Denver."

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Simon Moya-Smith A 500-Year-Old Papal Bull That Led Europeans Into ‘The New World’ (Indian Country Today 6/19)

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