Opinion: Critical moment for county on land-into-trust application

"This coming Tuesday, July 10, our county Board of Supervisors will be deciding whether or not to oppose annexation by the Santa Ynez Band of Mission Indians of 6.9 acres in Santa Ynez across from the Chumash casino.

This annexation should be actively opposed because the tribe doesn’t need it, the community can’t afford it, and it sets a terrible precedent.

This tribe no longer needs the massive financial subsidies provided by annexation to ensure their long-term financial success. To its credit, this tribe has thoroughly demonstrated its ability to grow economically without further subsidies.

Playing by the same rules as everyone else — which is all this community asks for — in just a few years, the tribe purchased an office building in Buellton, two of the largest hotels in Solvang, and a premier 1,400 acre ranch in Santa Ynez."

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